Decade of the Museological Heritage 2012-2022

It is an initiative that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Round Table of Santiago de Chile (1972), a meeting of experts that showed the need for evolution of the museuological paradigm by highlighting the engagement museums have in the development of society. The precepts emanating from the Round Table were the basis for the theoretical and practical development of social museology to the present day.

The Decade of the Museological Heritage is also a brand offered to museums that can be linked to their activities, thus showing their adherence to and promoting the principles of social museology, affording unity and cohesion to the Ibero-American community of museums.

The microsite
The site will offer information about the Decade of the Museological Heritage and on social museology, with a calendar of events that museums Iberoamerican can register here. See below for the latest news:

Recent Events registered